MX Player Pro Download Free Full Version 1.15.9 (Official Release)

MX player is a video player that supports hardware acceleration (HW+ decoder). The option by default is disabled and can be enabled from the settings menu. There is two version of MX Player, FREE and PRO version. The free version contains Ads. Even MX Player free version showing Ads but is not annoying and does not have a limitation on features. If you want Ads-free version, then we suggested installing the MX Player Pro. However, before you purchase MX player pro full version, you can try the free version without limitation on features and options.

There are many features available on MX player, one of the features MX Player offers is HW+ decoder. So, what benefit video player with HW+ decoder? Today, most Android video players on the market only have SW and HW decoder feature, and not many of them have the HW+ decoder feature. HW+ decoder feature allows you to play more videos than HW decoder. Also, HW+ decoder use own media framework to play videos, like MX player. You can utilize playback feature and increase the volume level up to 200% with HW+ decoder.

If your device supports this feature, you can enable MX player hardware acceleration (HW+ decoder) by going to Setting > Decoder. However, this menu won’t show up if your device is not supported for HW+ decoder.

On this page you can download the MX player PRO and MX Player FREE + Mods (No Ads) version. Ads on FREE version has been removed and it’s just a like PRO version.

MX Player PRO activated.

MX Player Pro About Version 1.15.9

MX Player Permission Access

  • Storage Access: You need to allow this player to access your Photos/Media/Files from your current storage (Internal Storage/SD Card/USB OTG etc). This permission included WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (rename, delete of files) and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
  • Networking Access: Allow this permission will give the player can checking a license, application update, movies/TV streaming. Included is the INTERNET, ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE.
  • Also, there a require permission for BLUETOOTH, VIBRATE and WAKE_LOCK in order MX player features working properly such as vibrations feedback, AV sync improvement and prevent the phone sleep while you are playing videos.
  • To prevent MX video player run in the background a KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES is required. Kids Lock features need SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW and DISABLE_KEYGUARD permissions and to block input on screen need DRAW OVER OTHER APPS permissions.

MX Player Main Features

  • Multi-core CPU Decoding
    Using multi-core CPU on your video player will have better performance than one core. Enable this multi-core features if your device supported. To enable this feature go to Setting > Decoder > CPU Core Limit.
  • Subtitles Support (Styling and Gestures)
    MX video player supports all popular subtitles format such as SRT (SubRip), ASS/SSA regular or with styling, IDX/SUB for VobSub and MicroDVD. So if you watching videos in other languages and subtitles is available in your language you can enjoy this subtitles features. To adjust the subtitle setting go to Setting > Subtitle.
    Also, while playing the video you can change the subtitle text size, move the text down and up, next and previous. This subtitles gestures feature by default is enabled.
  • Kids Lock
    Worried your device setting change when your kids play the videos? MX video player has features that able to lock the screen while videos are playing. To enable this lock screen feature just touch the lock icons on the screen. If you see padlock icon showing on the top left screen, that means the feature is active. The way to test the feature work or not is by touching the screen while videos are playing.

Why MX Player?

Why I should install MX Player Pro APK when the free version does not have a limitation on the features?

As we write in the article above the PRO version is Ad-Free, so if you installing the MX player pro paid apk on your devices, you will not see the advertising when playing the videos. Some people prefer to use the free version because the price of the pro version is expensive. However, there is always a way to install the pro version without having to pay for it. What you need is download MX player pro from

How to download MX player pro APK?

You may visit directly website or you can open a Google search or other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo!, then type “MX player Pro” (without quote) on the search field. You will surprise and find your search result returning many website links, you can choose one of them and of course, we recommended to find to find your MX player pro download free full version link.

If you choose this site to download MX player pro APK, then you will find the “Download” button on the top right header, click on it and then will be redirected to MX player pro download free full version page.

After the MX player pro paid APK file has been downloaded, you can install it.

How to install MX player pro APK?

  1. Download MX player pro APK from Download option available on the bottom of the page. Read and follow the instruction how to download MX player pro paid APK file. Save the APK file to a folder you can remember.
  2. Execute the APK file to begin the installation.
  3. Follow all step and instructions that appear on the screen.
  4. When installation complete, you may click on Done or Open.
How To Install MX Player

Since version 1.10.50 Equalizer features now available on your MX Player.

Mx Player Equalizer

Refer to this page when you have a problem after installing the MX player pro paid APK.

Download MX Player Pro

Sometimes we are late to update the file. If you found the MX Player Pro APK on this page is out of date, please let us know, so we can update the current old version with the new version.