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We know most visitors don’t read this page until the last paragraph, so we try to make it shortest as possible. GetMXPlayerPro.com is a blog about video player that works on the multi cross-platform (Android, iOS, Linux, PC, and Mac). All information is given on this site written based on personal experience. If you don’t like what we write, it’s not our problem. We try to share our experience without manipulating and take benefit from it.

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Out there you will find a lot of this kind website on the internet, and maybe you are landing and stop by on GetMXPlayerPro.com by coincidence. That’s why, we know you may start to compare this website with others, yes you are correct we are maybe is not different from other but we try to offer something that others don’t have and convince you to stay long as you can and next day you come back to us again and again.

For your note. We are nothing without you. And if this website is useful, we always ask you to help us to spread the word about GetMXPlayerPro.com to the world. We open to any suggestions and critics. Also, we are accepting any contribution from our beloved visitor, because we believe some of you have a brilliant idea and have a genius brain and will help this site growing.

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